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Contiguous Pile Wall

Contiguous piled walls are commonly used when constructing basements. This process involves the installation of a run of piles with pre-calculated gaps dependent on soils structure and surrounding ground conditions.

Contiguous piled walls can be constructed using either CFA bored piling or rotary piling techniques. These approaches allow for deep excavations giving a much reduced risk of collapse, even in water saturated ground. This ability to safely excavate to great depths is essential with basement constructions. Furthermore, contiguous piled walls can be designed to accommodate vertical loads in addition to horizontal forces, with the construction techniques for both methods being the same as with foundation bearing piling.

There are a number of advantages to using contiguous piled walls, but the one that our customers most appreciate is the fact that they cause negligible vibrations, therefore customers can be certain that any buildings that are connected to the area within which we are working, will not be affected through structural settlement or movement.

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