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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is the element of your build that will ensure that your basement can withstand the load placed upon it from the rest of your property.

Structural engineers will carry out full surveys and assess all of the existing and proposed plans to establish the exact requirements for your basement to be structurally sound. They will then produce structural calculations and plans utilising modern proceedures and technologies. These plans will be included as part of the planning application process and as supporting information for the Party Wall agreement.

Elements of your basement construction that will be considered by the structural engineers include:

  • Concrete
    • Piling
  • Steelworks
    • Structural steel beams
  • Reinforcing walls
  • Reinforcing floors
  • Underpinning
  • Drainage
    • Sump and pump drainage
    • Delta membrane systems
  • Waterproofing techniques
    • Sika Waterproofing
    • Waterproof concrete
  • Avoidance of structural damage to existing properties