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What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall Agreement was established in 1996 and sets out legislation to assist in the prevention and/or resolution of disputes between neighbours in respect of boundary walls, party walls and adjoining or adjacent properties.

The Party Wall Act dictates that any individual proposing to carry out building work which comes under the remit of the Act must give their neighbours notice of their intentions which must include a full Method Statement.

I live in a detached house – Will my basement conversion come under the Party Wall Act?

If your planned basement will come within 3 metres of your neighbours’ property then your build will be governed by the requirements of the Party Wall Act.

What are the implications of the Party Wall Act for Basement Constructions?

For a basement construction to comply with the legislation set out by the Party Wall Act, a chartered surveyor must complete a Party Wall survey. This survey will assess any potential areas of dispute or conflict that may arise as a result of your basement build. The Act will also ensure that your neighbours are fully insured during the construction process

As experienced basement construction experts we can work with you to ensure your build complies with all of the relevant regulations and legislation. It is common knowledge that disputes that can arise over Party Walls can compromise previously sound relationships with neighbours, and as such we recognise that these matters have to be handled with sensitivity and tact. We can therefore negotiate on your behalf in order to maintain good relationships with your neighbours and achieve the desired outcome in a timely manner.