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Secant Pile Wall

Secant piling is a technique used to maximise the space that can be used within a property’s boundary. This piling method makes it possible to overcome underground obstructions and obstacles such as steel, heavily reinforced concrete, granite and masonry. This technique causes minimal vibration and extremely low noise levels, thus causing minimal disruption to our clients as we work.

Our ability to carry out this work is thanks to the powerful, high torque drilling equipment that we have at our disposal. These drills make it relatively easy to drill through even the thickest walls and through seemingly impenetrable terrains. This means that we can install secant pile walls almost anywhere, no matter what obstacles may be in the way; allowing us to create basements in spaces previously deemed inaccessible.

And it’s not just hefty materials that may pose obstacles to basement excavation; if not dealt with correctly saturated soils can cause problems too. However, the waterproofing of secant walls can be achieved with the use of reinforced piles (hard/hard). The primary piles are secanted by secondary piles, providing complete waterproofing even within saturated soil. For temporary works a watertight seal can be created with piles and the addition of either bentonite cement materials (soft) or weaker concrete (firm).

4Site Construction are experienced in designing and building hard/soft, hard/firm and hard/hard secant walls using either continuous flight auger techniques (CFA) or segmental casings (suitable for piles of 750mm diameter or greater). As a company we always work with professionalism, ensuring the safety of nearby structures and minimal disruption to our customers and their neighbours.

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