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Basement Swimming Pools

Basement Swimming Pools

A basement swimming pool is the ultimate in luxury, and is an enviable addition to any home. From full length training pools, to family recreational pools, to serene relaxation pools offering a spa experience, the options for basement swimming pools are endless.


What considerations must be given when installing a swimming pool in the basement?

4Site has a wealth of experience in the design and build of basement swimming pools.
Key points which must be included within the planning and design process include:

  • Ensuring that the basement floor is sufficiently reinforced to withstand the load placed upon it
  • Ensuring that ventilation within the basement is adequate to prevent damp
  • Ensuring the use of specialist waterproof concrete
  • Ensuring that heating is adequate for both the water and the basement itself

Our experts can advise you on all of the structural considerations which must be taken into account when installing a swimming pool in your basement, and we can work with you to create a luxurious, stylish addition to your home.

If you are planning a basement swimming pool project and need some assistance, we would be delighted to help.
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