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Design Options

The design of your basement will be determined by the function of the room, your own personal style, and any limitations that may exist based on the property’s age or structure.

4Site have created basements for many purposes, for both business and recreational use. Within these basement designs we have included traditional and contemporary finishes, state of the art technology and luxurious materials to produce exquisite finishes.

Some design options which many customers find challenging are:


  • Most basements have limited natural light, so it’s important to add artificial lights which provide a natural effect. LEDs offer a great solution to this with a wide range of lighting options available
  • Light wells can be easily incorporated into your basement design to add extra light
  • Glazed floors can also allow for extra light to enter the room


  • There are many hidden storage options available which allow you to maintain the feeling of space within your basement and avoid clutter


  • When you have a large basement to work with it can sometimes be hard to break up the space. However, zoning with the use of temporary partitions, glazed walls or even just clever furnishings can give the idea of separate areas within the basement without making the room feel small.
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