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At 4site we feel that when choosing a contractor to install your basement it is so important that the contractor is a basement specialist. What is more important is the contractor has a proven health and safety record. It’s not just about the finished box but how the finished box gets built, your property’s structural integrity is just as important in its temporary condition as well as its permanent . 

Therefore if a contractor cuts corners, then he is putting your house at risk as well as the lives of his workforce , it’s that serious! 

When at the stage of considering to appoint a specialist, it is important that you carry out your own due diligence- a good source of data is provided by the HSE itself. By visiting this area of the enforcement web site you can search for the contractor by name and that way see if they have had any prosecutions within the last 5 years- http://www.hse.gov.uk/notices/search/simple/default.asp

If they are in there then the facts speak for themselves. Don’t take a risk on a contractor who puts the safety of his work force at stake as well as the structural stability of your house. 

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