Nanny’s Quarters

Building nanny quarters in a basement creates a self-contained living space; this means there is a definite distinction between your nanny’s home and your own family home. The fact that basement nanny quarters can cover the entire footprint of your home means that there is plenty of room to include a bedroom, kitchen area, lounge [...]

Basement Swimming Pools

A basement swimming pool is the ultimate in luxury, and is an enviable addition to any home. From full length training pools, to family recreational pools, to serene relaxation pools offering a spa experience, the options for basement swimming pools are endless. What considerations must be given when installing a swimming pool in the basement? [...]

Basement Office

Converting a basement into an office is the perfect solution for those who wish to work from home. Often, working from home can be a struggle due to a lack of space, interruptions from others, and simply not being in an environment that is conducive to work. However, with a bespoke basement home office, set [...]

Wine Cave

Did you know: Underground wine caves have been in existence for thousands of years with Romans reportedly storing wine in the catacombs they constructed. What is a wine cave? Wine caves are underground spaces where wine can be stored and aged. The conditions within a wine cave provide the perfect environment for wines to mature. [...]

Basement Playrooms

A playroom in the basement offers a win-win situation for the entire family. Many families find that as their children get older the family home can become overwhelmed with toys and clutter. No matter how many clever storage containers you purchase there just never seems to be enough space for it all. Lots of parents [...]

Home Gyms

Converting your basement into a gym provides the ideal scenario for convenient and hassle free exercise. For the gym addicts amongst us basement gyms are proving very popular, particularly as they allow individuals the freedom to design and fit out a gym with equipment and facilities tailored to their own needs. What are the advantages [...]