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Basement walls must be able to support the load placed upon them, and one way to ensure this is with the use of reinforced concrete walls.

The process of constructing reinforced concrete walls is a fairly complex one. Initially, forms are erected which follow the pattern of the basement walls. These forms act as moulds for the concrete which is then poured in and left to set. The full setting process can take several weeks however after just a few days the concrete walls are considered strong enough to hold their shape. The forms are then stripped away to reveal the reinforced concrete walls that will form the structure of your basement.

What are the advantages of reinforced concrete walls?

Using reinforced concrete walls within a basement conversion offers many advantages including:

  • Robust waterproofing within the basement walls
  • Cost savings due to the quick construction time
  • Assurance that the basements walls will be strong enough to hold the weight placed upon them from the property or floors above
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