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It is fantastic for us to hear feedback from our clients once we complete a basement conversion or construction project.

There is always an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the work we have carried out, and it’s great to know that our basements have lived up to our clients’ expectations.

Mr. Goodier – SW11

We considered our basement to be a significant investment and as such began to search for a company with whom we were confident would deliver our project on time and within budget. Our search brought us to 4Site Basements who are by no means the largest basement company in London, They are however, In our opinion, one of the most professional companies in their sector.

From their site survey, through the entire construction process and onto fit out they have delivered a fantastic product. Befor deciding on a contractor we met met other companies and being completely honest, none of them were as calm and reassuring as Jeff and his team. At no point were we bamboozled with technical jargon and whenver we requested something it was accomodated without any fuss. The finished product is amazing and the entire process was relatively painless, of course, the construction of a basement involves a lot of mess and upheval but the team at 4Site made it as stress free as possible. I couldnt recommend them highly enough!

Mr & Mrs Merton – SW18

With property prices as high as they are in London the cost to move home and indeed move up is becoming unmanageable. So, my wife and I had a “Lightbulb” Moment and decided to instead of moving out we would go down!  Whilst looking online we found that many homeowners in London were doing the same. We also found that a lot of them had used 4Site Basements, it was extremely reassuring to see that they had a wealth of experience which gave them the experience required to deal with our, what transpired to be, problematic project.

Obviously, we would like to that both the site workers who did all of the hard graft but we feel a special thanks should be given to 4Site’s office staff who dealt with every problem that our project threw at them.

Mr. Roberts – SW6

Just a quick note to once again say thank you for the fantastic job your team have made of our cellar conversion.

From our initial site meeting right the way through every stage of the project stage your thoroughly professional workforce provided an excellent product and superb levels of customer service. They were so trustworthy that we had no qualms in leaving them alone in our home with a key if we needed to go out for anything.

Your team’s efforts were really well supported by office staf and the project managers who were the perfect link between customer, site and office – because of this any decisions that needed to be made happend quickly with no fuss. As client we really fealt part of the process, which was excellent! regular site meetings and frequent communications kept us well informed and as a result at complete ease with the entire project.

Please feel free to use this testimonial as you feel fit and do not hesitate to pass our details on to other prospective clients if they would like to speak to someone who has had first hand experience of your excellent company.


Mr & Mrs Cornwall – SW11

4Site Basements our basement conversion and we felt they deserved some recognition for the excellent work they have delivered. Our project was technically difficult and as such regular communication was critical and I am delighted to say that Jeff and his team provided timely accurate information which, I am sure, was the difference between a nightmare project and our stress free solution . The completed basement conversion is of an excellent quality and we are extremely proud of the results.

Both my wife and I  would have no hesitation in recommending Jeff and the team at 4Site Basements team to anyone looking for the same.


Mrs Blackburn – W14

We are absolutely delighted with our basement conversion. The team at 4Site Basements were really helpful throughout the project, the quality of work was very high and the basement work has had a real positive impact on the upper floors of the house in terms of indoor air quality.



Mr & Mrs Silbourn – SE11

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the work you and your team have recently completed at our home. Your staff were prompt and professional at all times and the over-all quality of our basement conversion is excellent. The transformation from a damp dark basement to light, dry and warm rooms is fantastic!

We would have no hesitation in recommending 4Site Basements to anyone -Thank you again!

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