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Delta Cavity Membranes

4Site favour the use of Delta cavity membrane systems in their basement projects as it is considered the most effective waterproofing and drainage solution. Furthermore, as well as being a phenomenal wall lining which protects structures from damp, the Delta membrane cavity system also avoids the pressure build up that can be found in cementitious tanking.

The way in which the Delta membranes work is that they create an air gap, within which the water is held before being redirected to a suitable drainage point. The air gap contains up to 10 litres of space, meaning there is plenty of room for water to be collected before being safely removed via a sump or pump system. This mechanism provides robust structural waterproofing for floors, walls and ceilings. These factors are essential within basement and cellar conversions, as underground areas such as these are prone to damp and are at risk of flooding.

As leaders in the waterproofing sector Delta membrane systems are used on a broad scale within both commercial properties and domestic basements. These extremely effective membranes are also the cavity membrane of choice for the London underground rail network.

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