Home Drainage


Basements are notoriously damp places, and this is why it is essential that any basement construction project adopts an adequate basement drainage system. Such a system will intercept any moisture attempting to enter the basement through wall and floor joints, and redirect it away from the basement itself. A robust drainage system along with sufficient waterproofing will therefore keep your basement free from moisture.

There are several methods and products which can be used to provide a drainage mechanism within your basement, one of which is with the use of membranes such as the Delta cavity membranes.

These membranes keep water stored in an air gap away from the basement wall; this prevents any build-up of pressure against the wall. The water is then redirected, allowing the basement to maintain its structure and remain dry.

All of 4Site’s basement projects are meticulously planned and constructed to ensure that drainage and waterproofing remain paramount at all stages of the basement renovation.

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