Home Vault Conversion

Vault Conversion

Vaulted cellars and basements are often neglected areas within a home, seen as damp, dark and impractical. But in reality, a vaulted cellar has the potential to be a beautifully designed, functional extension of your home.

Many homeowners are concerned that their vaulted cellar has issues with water drainage, which is why they are reluctant to consider using this space beneath their property. However, this issue can be easily resolved with the use of an effective

waterproofing system. We use cavity drainage membrane systems which allow us to take control of the water flow and ensure that your cellar avoids damp problems.

4Site Construction can see the potential in every underground space and we are particularly skilled at transforming vaulted cellars into intriguing, waterproof, living spaces. From play rooms to office space, we can visualise and create an area that enhances your home and your lifestyle.

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