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Converting your basement into a gym provides the ideal scenario for convenient and hassle free exercise. For the gym addicts amongst us basement gyms are proving very popular, particularly as they allow individuals the freedom to design and fit out a gym with equipment and facilities tailored to their own needs.

What are the advantages of a basement gym?

  • Home gyms make exercise accessible – no more excuses!
  • Home gyms add value to your property
  • A basement gym offers privacy when you exercise
  • No more wasted gym memberships!
  • Basement gyms can support the weight of heavy exercise equipment
  • Basement ceilings can be soundproofed so that noise does not travel to the rest of the house

As with all basement conversions or basement constructions there are certain structural and architectural considerations to be made in terms of ensuring your basement gym is waterproof and importantly, well ventilated. Our basement conversion experts can advise you at all stages of developing your own home gym, so that you can be certain your basement gym will fit perfectly with your home and your exercise regime.

If you are planning a home gym in your basement and need some assistance, we would be delighted to help.
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