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Wine Cave

Wine Cave

Did you know: Underground wine caves have been in existence for thousands of years with Romans reportedly storing wine in the catacombs they constructed.

What is a wine cave?

Wine caves are underground spaces where wine can be stored and aged. The conditions within a wine cave provide the perfect environment for wines to mature.

What are the optimal conditions for wine to be stored?

In order to achieve the perfect conditions for wine storage a wine cave must;

  • Be consistently cool
  • Have low light levels
  • Have high humidity
  • Not be subjected to vibrations or movement

4Site_Wine_Cellar_24Site can create a bespoke wine cellar or wine cave within your existing basement space, which will meet all of the environmental conditions required for bottle aging and storage of ready to drink wines. Alternatively we can construct a basement area underneath your property, similarly, ensuring that the final construction meets all of the conditions for optimal wine storage. Combining functionality with exquisite design we can create a modern wine room or a more rustic wine cave that is not only practical but also a beautiful addition to your property.

Storing and displaying wine is both a science and an art and we believe that we have mastered both of these in the exquisite wine caves that we have created for our clients

Basement wine storage – The process

As with all of our basement conversion projects we are happy to work with our clients at every stage, this includes:

  • Guiding clients in terms of the wine cave design
  • Facilitating the planning process, where required
  • Working with architects and structural engineers to bring designs to life
  • The construction and installation of the wine cave itself
  • Supporting the final fit-out of the wine cave or cellar, ensuring the finished basement is a realisation of the client’s original brief.
If you are planning a basement wine cellar and need some assistance, we would be delighted to help.
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